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PreDiVine (Predicting Diseases of Vine) is a web Decision Support System based on wireless sensor networks, weather stations and prediction algorithms, able to monitor the vineyard micro-climate conditions with the goal to predict vineyards' pests. PreDiVine has been developed by Dolphin Engineering Sagl within the SMART VINEYARD project funded by the Swiss Innovation Agency.


Scaphoideus titanus - FD vector

Predictions with at least 2 weeks in advance

Customizable Dashboard

A fully customizable dashboard with several windows widgets showing pests predictions, sensor values, weather forecast and weather stations map.


  • Know in advanced which kind of pest will appear, where and by when;

  • Optimize the workload of human resources, react only when it is needed;

  • Optimize the usage of phyto-sanitary products;

  • Improving grape quality.